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Kinash Real Estate Group takes pride in all client relationships. We treat clients like family and we value those relationships above and beyond the property transaction.


Advice from a credible real estate expert. Taras Kinash holds post-secondary education and work experience in City Planning, Property Development and Building Design.


A trained Building Designer of luxury homes, developments and wineries, Taras Kinash has an eye for best value real estate and the finer details of architecture.

Taras Kinash REALTOR® Penticton Remax BC

Kinash Real Estate Group

The Kinash Real Estate Group is one of the most respected and sought after real estate sales teams in the South Okanagan region. The ‘KIN’ team is made up of experienced REALTOR® Taras Kinash and VIP Coordinator Zara Kinash (unlicensed).

In his own words founder Taras Kinash states:

“Our intention is to always deliver expert real estate advice and service. If positioned properly and with the right real estate purchase / sale strategy, you will benefit in developing opportunities to improve wealth, health and lifestyle. Our desire is to assist you, offer you our specialist expertise, and be part of your story not only as your Real Estate Advisors, but also as friends in the community. All we ask is for you to put your trust in us and we will deliver!”

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